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The Evolution of Liposuction: Radio Frequency Liposuction on the Horizon

The Drive for Improved Liposuction Methods

Clearly, the manufacturers of liposuction technology are dedicated to improving technology. Both women and men are interested in finding improved ways to improve skin tone, elasticity and lose weight in the most troublesome areas. In fact, the technology of yesteryear did not provide for the needs of the obese which are provided in technology today. But why we would need radio frequency liposuction may be the question that still remains.

Radio frequency liposuction couples the advantage of today’s small cannulas that allow for smaller incisions and less trauma with energy based treatment that is targeted to contract the skin. In addition, radio frequency liposuction is said to hold promise for the treatment of large areas which might otherwise require additional treatment sessions. Finally, radio frequency liposuction may result in less pain, bruising, and swelling which helps to speed the wound healing process. Studies to support the efficacy of radio frequency liposuction are just beginning to surface. Yet, the technology may present another viable liposuction method in years to come.

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