Neck Liposuction

Have you noticed that your looks are beginning to fade as you age? If so, you can get your looks back along with your confidence. As we get older, certain areas of the face and neck begin to sag and make us look older. Excess fat on the neck can also make you appear overweight. This can be fixed with neck liposuction. By removing excess fat and sagging skin from the neck, you will appear younger and healthier.

During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will need to know about your medical history, including past and present medical conditions, past surgeries and medications you are currently taking. If you are a smoker, it is important to let your doctor know since smoking can cause complications during and after surgery. Your doctor can minimize your risks if he or she is well informed. You will receive specific instructions for the day of your surgery. Your doctor may also require you to discontinue certain medications before surgery and may also ask you to stop smoking a couple weeks before surgery. You should discuss with your doctor your expectations of what the surgery will do for you so that your doctor can determine if your expectations are realistic.

You will receive local anesthesia for your surgery. Your doctor will then make incisions through which a cannula will be placed. The cannula will then be used to break up the fat that will be suctioned through a small vacuum. Once your doctor is satisfied that all the excess fat and skin tissue has been removed, he or she will close the incisions. Pain during recovery should be minimal and you may be instructed to use over-the-counter pain medication as needed. In some instances, your doctor may prescribe a pain-killer to ease your discomfort during recovery. You should arrange for someone to take you home and to stay with you for the first night following surgery. You will be unsteady until the anesthesia wears off so it is important to have someone to help you in walking to and from the bathroom and getting into and out of bed. Since you will be groggy for several hours after surgery, it is also important to have everything set up at your bedside so that you do not need to move around unnecessarily. Make sure you have your medications, drinks and anything else you may need at your bedside. You should spend the next couple of days resting. During your recovery, you may notice blood-tinged fluid leaking from the incisions. This is normal and will decrease the chance of bruising. You will be able to resume normal activities within two weeks after surgery.

Any procedure comes with a certain amount of risk. Common risks with neck liposuction include infection, reaction to anesthesia, excess bleeding, bruising and swelling. Your doctor will discuss the complications that can develop during and after surgery and will give you instructions on what you should do should you have any trouble during recovery. It is important to choose a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in order to decrease the risks involved.

Results of the surgery will be long-lasting. However, you must be realistic and should expect changes to occur as you age.

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