Chin augmentation is a way to bring balance to the facial structure of correcting a weak chin due to the related bone resorption or facial trauma. This procedure can be as simple as tissue augmentation filler to implanting a silicone or porex chin implant to have to cover all the ways you are able to enhance your chin. A weak chin can also make a normal nose appear large and an already pronounced larger. It may also give the appearance of a fleshy neck. This also brings a balanced relationship within the structure of the face. You can consult a surgeon who will be able to give you full advice which might prove useful to you.

Post operative preparations:

When you are undergoing a surgery, post operative preparations have to be done.

  • You have to arrive on time which is the most important thing to be remembered.
  • You will be instructed to bath with an instructed soap, clean hair, and should not apply lotions.
  • You have to wear loose, comfortable, and easily accessible with slippers.
  • You are advised not to eat anything after midnight on the evening prior to your surgery.
  • You are supposed to wear rings, watches, or other jewellery or large sums of money to the surgery center.
  • The patient should not develop any fever, chills or other signs of a cold or other infection.
  • You have to bring your surgery bras, or any instructed meds, garments or bandages.

In case of complications:

  • Have your emergency numbers handy and contact, or have your caretaker contact, your surgeon or the on call physician to let them know of your problem as soon as you can.
  • If you are going to the emergency room don’t forget to tell your surgeon which hospital.
  • Bring all of your medications with you to the hospital.
  • It may be cautionary to pack an over night bag ahead of time “just in case”
  • If you are able to keep a written journal of your symptoms and complaints.

After operation effects:

Be sure that you get enough sleep because your body can heal better while it is resting. You should take a sponge bath until u feel better enough to take a proper bath. You might also need assistance. The surgeon after the surgery will tell you about bathing. Even though you may not like it, you have to move and walk around as if you do not do it, you might develop clots and hold fluid a lot longer. If you have extra oral incisions and would help with keloid prevention and scar flattening some surgeons suggest sheeting. Some products are manufactured, such as those from bio dermis, or scar tapes. Numbness and sensitivity will be there at first. It could cause trauma cutting of transmit pain or touch sensations. This will subside in a few weeks. There could also be sharp pain and burning sensations, heat, tingling, prickling, etc. This is a main effect that takes place after the surgery. Give it time and everything will fall into place.

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