A Comprehensive Approach to Facial Aging

A combination of gravity, facial muscles and structure can cause the face to age. This often results in what is often described as a tired appearance. As the skin begins to lose firmness, due to gravity, the fat concentrated in the face begins to drop. The movement of fat can cause the facial muscles to band and gather in the neck area. This “banding” effect is what causes the appearance of wrinkles.

There are some surgical procedures that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with the aging process. One surgical procedure called the facelift, also called the “Rhytidectomy.” This procedure can temporarily diminish the appearance of wrinkles which result from aging. The procedure involves the use of tiny incisions around the ear and hairline. During the procedure, the facial tissues are adjusted and any excess tissue is removed. Although the procedure is highly effective, the results are only temporary, as the issue of the constant pull of gravity cannot be eliminated altogether.

The facelift can be combined with other procedures to maximize results. An eyelid surgery, browlift surgery and chin augmentation can also be performed alongside the facelift. Generally, the procedures are performed in a sequential manner to yield the best results.

The plastic surgeon will require a complete medical history. Weight, medical issues, lifestyle habits and other relevant information will be gathered prior to the procedure being performed. Additional information such as the skin care regimen will also be evaluated during the consultation process.

An additional physical examination of the face will also be conducted. The examination will focus on facial features, bone structure and the condition of the different parts of the face affected by aging. The doctor will be able to provide a complete overview of the procedures that will provide the best results.

At that point, the patient is able to decide the best possible course of treatment. Understanding the intricacies of every possible approach and the likely outcome of the proposed procedures is important. The patient should view the facial rejuvenation procedure as an artistic, but highly technical approach to achieving a more youthful appearance.

In addition to the facelift surgical procedures used in facial rejuvenation, there may be other treatment options available. Injectable fillers can be used to improve the appearance of fine lines, lips and scars. Other procedures may be more ideal for reversing the effects of sun damage. Cosmetic dentistry and professional styling can be used to draw attention away from any minor temporary scarring.

The doctor will use advanced computer-imaging programs to demonstrate the potential outcome for any facial rejuvenation procedure performed. The sophisticated imaging technology helps one visualize the outcome of the procedure in a more realistic manner.
Any complications following the facelift surgery procedure are infrequent and usually minor. However, the experiences of individuals vary greatly in their physical reactions to any surgery, including their healing tendencies, scarring potential, and certainly in their psychological reaction to the effect of surgery.

Most of the complications resulting from the procedure are relatively minor. Infection, hematoma and nerve damage are all likely and easily managed by the physician. An allergic reaction to the medication is also a possibility. All individuals are not a good candidate for the facial rejuvenation procedure, smokers are often required to quit for at least one month before being formally evaluated for treatment.

Most surgical procedures result in minor scarring, which is usually temporary. Some ethnicities are more prone to scarring issues, so thick scarring is a possibility in these cases. The outcome of any procedure cannot be accurately predicted. Treatment is available to minimize any abnormal scarring if it occurs. Patients are encouraged to disclose any issues of scarring with the doctor during the initial consultation.

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