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The standard breast implant in the United States has been the saline-filled implant since 1992. Before saline implants became available, silicone implants were widely popular. Although both are silicone-based, cohesive implants are different in that they are filled with a thicker gel which helps the implant to maintain its shape. The cohesive implant will maintain its shape even if it were to break in half. The shell of the implant will not fold. It will also not shift or be affected by gravity. These implants have a lower chance of leaking as do traditional saline implants and other types of implants.

Cohesive implants have been available since the early 1990’s and have been available internationally for about 10 years. The United States has not yet approved these devices. Although the use of the devices overseas will be taken into consideration by the FDA, they will most likely not be approved in the United States until a large-scale study has been conducted. Patients in the United States can receive cohesive implants if they are willing to participate in a study and agree to follow-up visits for the next 10 years. Some women view the chance to participate in a study as a way to receive advanced medical treatment for which they may get reimbursed for, while other women may not feel comfortable participating in a trial where the side effects and risks may not be completely known.

Cohesive implants were developed with two main purposes. Their first purpose is to make a longer lasting implant. The second purpose is to maintain a more attractive, contoured shape. Because of the firmness of the gel used in these implants, they have been referred to as “gummy bear” implants. The firm gel is more cohesive than other gels used in implants.

Three companies in the United States are currently conducting studies on cohesive implants. These are Allergan, Mentor and Silimed. Each company’s concepts are similar, but there are significant differences also.

Breast implants were derived from silicone science. Silicone products were first used during the World War II era for medical purposes and are still used in the medical industry today for various purposes. Silicone has many favorable qualities which makes them ideal for use in medicine.

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