What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Cohesive Gel Implants?

Shape – One disadvantage of a cohesive implant is its ability to retain its shape. Although this is also considered and advantage, it is a disadvantage because the patient and doctor need to be absolutely sure they are choosing the right shape to be placed. Once the implant is placed, it will retain its shape for a long time.

Feel – Cohesive implants may feel a bit warmer than other implants. This will depend on the size of the implant and how much tissue is around the breast area. Some patients will complain about the firmness, but usually this is not an issue if the implants are not overly large.

Cost – These implants do cost more than other types of implants. However, patients who participate in a study may be reimbursed for the medical expenses over a period of ten years.

Incision Size – Since these implants cannot be squeezed through a small incision due to their firmness, incision length must be longer than those made with saline implants. Insertion from around the areola can also be difficult. An incision can be made under the armpit, but this too, is difficult.

Rotation – The possibility that these implants will rotate is low due to the textured surface of these implants. The surface is textured to cause friction which prevents rotation. However, a cohesive implant is anatomically shaped, which means it is larger on the bottom that the top. If rotation occurs, it will create a distortion. The only solution to this complication is to have the implant removed and replaced with a round implant. The chance of rotation occurring increases if there is loose tissue surrounding it. Loose tissue can be caused by a smaller implant replacing a larger one.

Gel Fracture – It is possible that a gel fracture could occur. This is rare and the effects of such are not exactly known. More research is needed in this area. Since the gel is almost a solid, it is believed that leakage would be minimal and that the implant would continue to keep its shape.

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