How to Prepare for Buttock Augmentation?

During your consult, your doctor will gather your complete medical history. You should make him or her aware of any past procedures that you’ve had or any past or present medical conditions you have. You should discuss with your surgeon your reasons for wanting surgery and your desired outcome. You will also receive specific instructions for your surgery date, recovery and follow-up.

In order to prepare you for buttock surgery, your doctor will alter or discontinue certain prescription and other medications two weeks prior to surgery. Smoking is discouraged because of the complications it can cause during and after surgery, so you may be asked to stop smoking before surgery if you are a smoker. You will need to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages prior to surgery. You will also need to have lab work completed a couple weeks before surgery.

You will need to avoid taking aspirin or aspirin products, herbal supplements and garlic before surgery as these can cause more bleeding resulting in excessive bruising. Your doctor will request that you take Tylenol during this period.

For a period of two days before surgery, you should wash your entire body with Betadine soap for 15 minutes twice a day. You should wash an additional time just prior to the surgery. You must avoid using skin products for two days before surgery. You should not eat or drink anything the night before surgery. You will be permitted to take your prescription medications with water and brush your teeth the morning of surgery. You should wear loose fitting clothing the day of your surgery. Loose sweats are recommended since you will be wearing a compression garment after surgery which can make clothes difficult to put on. Avoid wearing jewelry and do not bring valuables with you the day of surgery.

You will need to have someone available to take you home after the surgery as you will be very groggy from the sedative. You may want to alert your doctor’s office of the person who will be taking you home. You should also arrange for someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery to help with walking and moving around and to help you with your medications. You should also have all your prescriptions filled prior to surgery so that they will be available immediately after surgery.

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