Scarless Breast Reduction

Scarless breast reduction is also known as liposuction breast reduction. Liposuction is a proven technique that can safely remove excess fat from the oversized breasts of a woman.

It is also ideal for women who have uneven breasts or referred to as asymmetrical breasts. This is a common condition wherein one breast is a bit bigger than the other. The differences may not necessarily be marked.

In most cases, the uneven sizes of a woman’s breasts are hardly noticeable since they are fully covered. But women who suffer from this abnormality feel bothered by it even if others are unaware of the problem. This is particularly true for adolescent girls who have poor self-image. They feel intensely self-conscious about the condition. Scarless breast reduction can correct this problem.

Women whose breasts are larger than normal often experience several physical as well as emotional hardships. The problem can even cause long term, incapacitating effect to the person.

Abnormally large breasts can lead to a number of physical discomforts such as: back aches, neck pains and shoulder pains due to the need to carry the excess weight. The woman may develop poor posture because the huge breasts will pull her weight forward. She may also develop some rashes under the breasts.

The problem can also lead to emotional difficulties such as low self-esteem, depression, difficulties in looking for suitable clothes and doing exercises. Large breasts can limit your movements and make you feel incapable of handling some tasks. This can cause problems on your self-confidence and self-image.

These are the reasons why women who are bothered by overweight breasts or uneven breasts want to undergo a scarless breast reduction surgery. Patients who have other medical problems such as myasthenia, multiple sclerosis, asthma, diabetes and others who cannot withstand a more complex or longer surgery can greatly benefit from this kind of procedure.

Liposuction merely removes the fatty tissue from the breast. It does not affect the glandular breast tissue which is responsible for milk production. Breastfeeding will not be hindered by the surgery. Trauma to the breast tissue is hardly noticeable after. Results in mammograms do not show many changes in the appearance of the breasts after liposuction.


A tiny incision is made in the breast about a quarter of an inch long. A tumescent solution, made up of salt water mixture, epinephrine which lessens bleeding and a generous amount of anesthetic called lidocaine, is injected to the incision.

Once the solution is injected, the fat becomes firm. This makes it easier to insert the liposuction cannula or a surgical straw to move under the skin. As the cannula is moved forward and back, the layers of fat breaks up and are sucked out of the straw. Fat is quickly and painlessly removed from the body. Once the fat is removed, the size of breasts reduces.

The average breast size reduction is one to two cup sizes for each breast. The volume decreased can range from 250 cc to 2,650 cc, depending on the amount of fat and the size of breasts that the patient wants. The fat content of female breasts is usually between 61 to 74 percent of the breast.

The breast reduction scar on each breast is so small that they are hardly noticeable. It will disappear as time passes by. The scar will be visible for 2 to 3 months immediately after the operation. Massaging the scar tissue will help ease up the dark color on the surface of the scar. Eventually, the color will fade.

Distinct Advantages of Scarless Breast Reduction

– Quick recovery usually just within three days after the procedure
– Significant reduction of breast size
– Scars are temporary and will fade in time
– Breastfeeding capabilities
– Retention of normal sensations in the nipple and areola
– Lesser costs than traditional procedures
– Mammogram readings are made better
– Best option for patients with other ailments such as asthma, diabetes who cannot
undergo longer procedures.

Scarless breast reduction is a great cosmetic surgical option for women who want to reduce the size and weight of their breasts. This liposuction technique can lessen the size of breasts with hardly any visible signs of scarring. The nipples also remain intact providing the patient a chance to continue breastfeeding.

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