Reconstruction With Tissue Flaps

Breast reconstruction with tissue flaps is one of the ways that a woman can enhance her breasts. It is major surgery and should be carefully considered before having this procedure performed. It is performed by surgically removing a portion of the skin, along with the muscle and the fat that is beneath. It is then relocated to the breast. There are two ways that it is performed.

Pedicled Flap

When the procedure is performed through an area under the skin it is referred to as pedicled flap. It is the easier of the two procedures for breast enhancement. This is tissue that is often taken from the abdomen. This allows the patient to have a tummy tuck as well. It is literally taking the tummy area and relocating it to the breast area. This is a procedure that is often chosen for this reason. You get a flat tummy and enhanced breasts in one shot. Recovery takes approximately 6-8 weeks and requires a hospital stay of 3 to 5 days.

Patients that are overweight and have excellent circulation are excellent candidates for this procedure. All others would need to have a more invasive procedure performed in order to receive breast enhancement. There is no other way to do the “pedicled flap” procedure otherwise.

Free Flap

The free flap procedure is more invasive than the first procedure. It takes the blood vessels and also takes the fat from the body and places it as breast. Frequently, the patients must also receive an implant underneath of the tissue to enhance the size and shape of the breast for aesthetic reasons.

Reasons for Reconstruction with Tissue Flaps

Most women that do not wish to have implants will opt for this surgery. It protects a patient from having a rupture from a breast implant gone wrong. Some people will also have this operation so they can feel better about their appearance.

Other women have this operation done because they have just had a mastectomy. It is for the woman that wishes to feel natural and whole. It is a personal choice for anyone, but the women that opts for it after a mastectomy frequently has endured a lot of emotional trauma from the removal of her breast. This operation can really make her feel far better about her appearance.

The Benefits to This Procedure

This is a surgery that is far more realistic in appearance. The patient is receiving her own tissue and fat. The breast not only looks far more realistic, but it also reacts better after the surgery. There is far less rejection of the tissue when it is not a false tissue or strange to the body. Just like a wound that heals, the tissue accepts this as a wound and heals it far better than the implant method of breast replacement and augmentation.

The Risks That May Occur

There are risks to the patient that must be noted prior to choosing this procedure. They seldom happen, but it can occur. Tissue death can happen at times. The incidences are far less than typical breast implants. Tissue death can happen if the blood flow is not restored to the tissue. Blood can gather in the area and create infection that can lead to serious trouble if the patient does not follow through after the surgery. To prevent this from happening, you should follow up after your surgery to ensure that you heal well.

Most people experience a wonderful result from reconstruction with tissue flaps. They heal nicely and end up with a more natural looking breast. Many are able to have sensation to the breast and experience a positive result from this procedure. It is far safer than traditional breast implants and looks really natural to anyone. It is a choice that you and your doctor should make after evaluating your situation.

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