Breast Reconstruction Considerations

The topic of breast reconstruction is one which has many emotional elements to it and should be thought through completely before arriving at a final decision. Whether you have chosen to have this procedure because of a mastectomy or whether it is breast augmentation for other reasons, it is surgery nonetheless and should be looked at from all points of view. As with all surgeries, there are inherent risks involved and because having reconstructive breast surgery is elective, one should weigh those risks according to certain criteria. While most patients go through their surgeries without undo problems, this procedure can include infections or reactions associated with the general anesthesia, as well as other possibilities. There are certain breast reconstruction considerations listed below which can be used to help you come to a thoughtful decision regarding breast reconstruction.

A. Check with your health insurance provider to be sure this procedure is covered and to find out what your part of payment will be.

B. Find a plastic surgeon that is certified and has experience in breast reconstruction. Make appointments to have consultations with at least three different surgeons to get a personal feeling about them and to discuss their practices. They can offer you options as to which choices are available for breast reconstruction which will work well for you. Make sure to ask how long you can expect it to take for your recovery as well as how many follow up visits will be needed. This person is the one who will be doing a very personal change to your body. You should be at ease with them and feel that they are not rushing or making you feel uncomfortable in any way.

C. Find out which hospital you will be having this procedure performed. You can research this hospital online to find out if they are reputable.

D. Meeting with former patients and talking to them may help you decide if the surgeon you are considering did their job well and that they were happy with their results.

E. Do not be afraid to ask your prospective surgeon how long he or she has been in practice and what their statistics are. They should be willing to tell you the truth about their successes as well as those less satisfactory. No doctor has a perfect record; however, they should have an excellent report card.

F. General anesthesia remains one of the greatest dangers when having surgery. It would be wise to discuss your options regarding this procedure to determine what would be the safest option. Twilight sleep, also known as IV sedation, is less dangerous but still holds potential problems. A local anesthesia is by far the safest way to go, as this does not necessitate “going under.” However, if deciding on breast reconstruction, this last option may not be possible.

Breast reconstruction considerations are necessary, as this procedure will not only alter your body but comes with potential health risks. It is always advisable to research this subject in depth. Many books and publications are available through the internet as well as at your local library. Personal stories by other women may help you to understand the various issues you may not have thought to address before so that you can make an informed decision. Take your time and review all your options. Once at ease with your choices, trust your instincts, which should ultimately result in a positive experience.

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