Breast Reconstruction Choices

A breast reconstruction choice is usually made after either a mastectomy or possibly surgery to remove a cancerous tumor which is often noted as conservation surgery, lumpectomy, or fragmental mastectomy is deemed necessary.

More women, today, that have breast cancer choose surgery that removes only the cancerous tissue from the breast. Anyone who is thinking of having reconstructive breast surgery should consider talking to their surgeon and also a plastic surgeon before the mastectomy where both have experience in breast reconstruction.

The difference between the reconstructed breast and the remaining breast will be obvious when you are nude. When a bra is worn, the breasts will probably look alike in the original shape and size for a comfortable feeling about how you appear in almost any type of clothing. Self esteem may improve in the aftermath of reconstructive surgery; however, this is not always true, especially if the things you did not like before surgery are not corrected.

Two main breast reconstruction choices are available to a patient. It is important to decide on what is best for you. The reconstruction procedure may mean one or more surgeries. Discuss the benefits and risks of the surgery with your doctors before planning the surgery. You need to have enough time to make the best decision for you.

A most important decision is whether you should have immediate or delayed breast reconstruction. Immediate breast reconstruction is concluded when the mastectomy is performed and some advantages to this include, the tissues of the chest are not impaired by radiation therapy or scarring. The final results generally look more natural and immediate reconstruction involves less surgery than delayed surgery. There are a few phases that may be necessary to finish the immediate reconstruction procedure. A good idea is to ask about what needs to be done after the main sequence when considering breast reconstruction choices.

Considering the symmetry of both breasts when only one is affected may mean having what is called a ‘breast lift’, or perhaps breast reduction or breast augmentation surgeries that may be recommended for the other breast to improve the size and location of the two breasts.

Delayed breast reconstruction is when the reconstruction is done at a time of healing after the mastectomy, especially for women who need radiation therapy to the chest following mastectomy. Radiation procedures given after reconstruction surgery may cause complications

Some women do not want to even consider more surgery when diagnosed with breast cancer or immediately after the mastectomy and that is when delayed reconstruction is best. On the other hand, some would rather have the reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy and get it all accomplished at one time if they are healthy and meet all other criterion. This is when and how your doctors and family can help you decide on the best of the breast reconstruction choices.

Some factors to consider about breast reconstruction surgery include: overall health, stage of your breast cancer, amount of your own tissue available and insurance coverage for the unaffected breast and related costs.

A successful outcome of your breast reconstruction procedure will significantly depend on your complete honesty during your consultation with your doctors. Questions concerning your lifestyle, desires and overall health will need to be made clear in a candid manner.

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