“A Women’s Decision, Breast Care, Treatment and Reconstruction” 2nd Edition
By Karen Berger and John Boswick, III, M.D., St. Louis Quality Medical Publishing, Inc., 1994
TEL: (800) 348·7808
“What Women Need To Know About Breast Implants”
By Karen Berger and John Boswick, III, M.D.,
St. Louis Quality Medical Publishing, Inc., 1994
TEL: (800) 348·7808
“Dr. Susan Loves Breast Book” By Susan M. Love, M.D. and Karen Lindsay
“Spinning Straw Into Gold” By Ronnie Kaye
“From Victim To Victor” By Harold H. Benjamin, P.H.D.
“Breast Cancer: There and Back” By Jami Bernard
MAMM Magazine 1·888·901·MAMM or WWW.MAMM.COM

Support Services
· American Cancer Society: 800·ACS·2345 or www.cancer.org
· Association of Oncology Social Work: 215·599·6093 or www.aosw.org
· Cancer Care: 800·813·hope or www.cancercare.org
· United Way: 800·411·UWAY or http://national.unitedway.org
· SHARE: 866·891·2392 or www.sharecancersupport.org
· Inamed Corporation: 
· National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Info. Service: www.cancernet.nci.nih.gov
· Cancer Connection: http://www.cityofhope.org
· National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship: 
· American Medical Association: http://www.ama·assn.org
· American Society of Plastic Surgeons: www.plasticsurgery.org
· Foundation for Hospice and Home Care: http://www.nahc.org
· Hospice Education Institute: http://www.hospiceworld.org
· Food and Drug Administration(FDA): 
· La Leche League International: www.lalecheleague.org
· “Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act”
U.S. Department of Labor: 
Treatment Options
·The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation: www.komen.org/bci
· Dr. Susan Love “Breast Cancer Decision Support”: http://dslrf.org/actwithlove/
Advocate and Support
· Young Survival Coalition: www.youngsurvival.org
·Y·ME National Breast Cancer Organization: www.y·me.org
·Women’s Information Network Against Breast Cancer: http://www.winabc.org
·Susan G. Komen Alliance: http://www.komen.org
·The Wellness Community: www.thewellnesscommunity.org


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