Visual Inspection

(Standing in front of a mirror)
View your breast with your hands at your side.
Raise your hands and clasp them behind your head with your hands pressed forward.
Press your hands firmly on your hips with your shoulders and elbows pulled forward.

· Palpation (Feeling)
Lie down on your back with a pillow under your right shoulder
Use the pads of the three middle fingers on your left hand to examine your right
Press using light, medium and firm pressure in a circle without lifting your
fingers off the skin

Follow an up and down pattern
Feel for changes in your breast, above and below your collarbone and in your
Repeat on your left breast using your right hand
These steps may be repeated while bathing or showering using soapy hands.
Not all lumps are cancerous 80% of all breast lumps are benign.

The Breast Management Team

A diagnosis of breast cancer is a terrifying fear of the unknown. From discovery, diagnosis and during the course of treatment you can expect to have personal encounters with the following physicians, who will work with you in planning various phases of your treatment.

  • Gynecologist or Internist: orders breast screening test, primary care giver.
  • General Surgeon: performs the biopsy and mastectomy.
  • Pathologist: determines the degree of malignancy by study of the tumor.
  • Medical Oncologist: administers chemotherapy.
  • Radiation Oncologist: administers radiation therapy.
  • Plastic Surgeon: performs the breast reconstruction.

Fundamentals that you should look for and expect in your doctors

  • Willingness to answer your questions.
  • Explain what you do not understand.
  • Spend a reasonable amount of time with you when you need it.
  • Treat you as an adult.
  • Not suppress your expressions of emotion.
  • Not discourage a second opinion.
  • Respect your confidentiality.
  • Always be honest with you.
  • Be sensitive to your feelings.
  • Treat you as a person as well as a patient.


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