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    Why Come to Wisconsin?

    Traveling Wisconsin Brings More Than Dairyland. Though the state nickname of Americas Dairyland might lead one to believe otherwise, Wisconsin is known for more than milk and cheese. In fact, some things that make this state stand out have nothing to do with the expansive dairy farms. There are other reasons that tourists flock to this Midwestern state throughout the year.

    Milwaukee is among the more well-known areas and is the home to many of todays popular beers. Visitors to the area can take in breweries, a ball game or during summer visits the largest music festival in the Midwest. Top artists in all genres have performed onstage at Milwaukees Summerfest. The close proximity to Chicago makes Milwaukee a popular destination for those that want the best of both worlds.

    A trip further north will showcase the pride and joy of most Wisconsites. Home to the NFL team the Green Bay Packers, and located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Lambeau Field is in itself a tourist attraction during the football season. However, getting tickets to the games is nearly impossible.

    Nothing in Wisconsin attracts the visitors quite like Wisconsin Dells. The playground area of the Midwest boasts indoor waterparks, outdoor waterparks for the summer and ski and snowboarding hills in the winter. It is among one of the most sought after vacation spots in the Midwest due to the fun and luxury that can be found for visitors of all ages.

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