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Contact top qualified plastic surgeons in Kentucky for plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation using saline and silicone breast implants. Information on credentials, background, specialty, education, experience and more.

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  • Martin J. Luftman, MD
    Bluegrass Plastic Surgery
    1707 Nicholasville Road
    Lexington, Kentucky 40503

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Why Come to Kentucky?

Kentucky is one of the lushest, greenest places in this country. Rolling hills and endless forests come right up into the middle of town, and people love nature, the outdoors, and the good life. Kentucky has a fascinating and intricate culture. It is not only home to bluegrass music, but it is also well known for cultural events like the Kentucky Derby. Famous Kentucky cuisine has spread over the world, and Kentucky bourbon is no less well known.

When people think of Kentucky they think of horses, and it is true that this state produces some of the finest horses in the world. They also think of friendly people and great food. Many know of the natural treasures of the state, from Natural Bridge to the Land Between the Lakes. The Red River Gorge especially is a delight to behold. Not only is it a delight to visit, Kentucky is also a great place to work and live.

Kentucky has been extremely friendly to business for decades now. The endless tobacco farms that once provided the foundation of the economy have given way to Toyota manufacturing plants and high-tech electronics firms. Kentucky is a thoroughly modern state, well-run and well-organized.

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