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    Why Come to Idaho?

    Idaho is a word that means “Land of the Mountains,” and it certainly deserves the name. Perched atop one of the greatest mountain chains on earth, Idaho is a sparkling jewel set way back in the Rockies. It is not easy to get there, but once you arrive you are in wonderful company.

    Idaho is one of the largest states, bordering six other states and Canada. It holds sprawling mountains and vast valleys, and contains amazing geological treasures. In fact, if you want to find a star garnet there are only two places in the world to look, and the other one is in Pakistan. Idaho is also a fishermans paradise, to say nothing of the hunter or the hiker. Idaho has a milder climate than one would expect for its elevation, and its kinder winters shelter humans and wildlife alike. Dont worry, though, there is still plenty of snow for enjoyable skiing.

    The cities of Idaho are cosmopolitan and enjoyable. The strong work ethic and fertile soil combine to generate dependable wealth, and the arts and entertainment have prospered. People love sports here, especially rooting for the Idaho Vandals. Come visit Idaho and see the best the West has to offer.

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