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Plastic Surgery Over The Holidays

December is traditionally our busiest month here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery.  At first it might seem unusual for people to have procedures over the holidays.  Certainly that is how it seemed to us at first.  But in some ways it does make sense.  People have time off so there are no scheduling issues.  There is plenty of time for recovery.  They have family around to help them during their recovery.

In our case, many people travel to us for plastic surgery procedures.  This is even more so during the November and December.  While usually about twenty percent of our patients are from out of state or abroad, during the holiday period this goes up above fifty percent.  Our warm weather location is also part of the draw for people in the colder winter months.

While procedures done over the holidays are typically very rewarding for patient and their families, good planning is called for.  Following a procedure such as rhinoplasty, for example, there will be some restrictions on activities.  No running, swimming, sunning, or contact sports should be done for at least a few weeks after surgery.  If someone wants to have big New Year’s Eve celebrating, it may be best to postpone things until after the festivities are over.  But with good planing, care in communication between doctor, patient, and family, this is typically a great time to go ahead and plan for a change.

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