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How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

Have you been thinking about getting plastic surgery? Are you curious about the costs involved? As you may have noticed, many plastic surgery websites do not list pricing information. In many cases, they withhold pricing information because there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your procedure. The exact price of a breast augmentation or tummy tuck will vary from person to person based on their unique needs and their desired outcome.

While the best way to get accurate pricing information is to schedule an appointment for an individual consultation with your plastic surgeon of choice, here is a list of the average national costs for popular cosmetic surgery procedures. These numbers are based on real information from real patients all across the United States.

Name of Procedure Average Reported Price

Body Lift $14,950
Facelift $11,000
Thigh Lift $8,775
Arm Lift $8,375
Breast Lift $8,000
Brow Lift $7,825
Tummy Tuck $7,800
Neck Lift $7,275
Rhinoplasty $6,850
Breast Augmentation $6,500
Liposuction $5,900
Breast Reduction $5,525
Gynecomastia $5,200
Smart Lipo $4,975
Eyelid Surgery $4,075
Chin Augmentation $4,025
Labiaplasty $3,950
Otoplasty $3,425
Lip Implants $2,500

How is the cost of a procedure determined?

The total cost of your procedure will include a variety of expenses such as:

– Surgeon fees. This is a fee you pay for services rendered by the doctor.

– Operating room expenses. This may include rent, staff salaries & costs associated with operating the machinery.

– Material costs. The type of procedure you are getting will determine what type of material costs you can expect.

– Anesthesia. If your procedure requires you to be unconscious, you will be responsible for costs associated with the anesthesia.

– Medication. Depending on the type of work you are having done, your surgeon may prescribe medication for you to take before or after the surgery. In some cases, patients will have to pay this upfront. Other times it may be included in the cost of the procedure.

– Medical devices. Some surgeries may require the use of post-surgical compression devices. If you are required to use one of these, the cost of the device will be added to the cost of your surgery.
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