Breast Surgery Procedures

Breast Surgery Procedures

Information on breast augmentation with implants, breast lift surgery, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and other breast surgery procedures including breast surgery before and after photos, local plastic surgeons, videos and more. Learn about the benefits and risks involved with these breast surgery procedures, find the right plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon that’s right for you, obtain patient financing and make an informed decision.

Breast enhancement procedures are elective surgeries which can result in greater self esteem and a higher level of confidence for many women. Most cosmetic procedures performed on the breast are done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia and the incisions made during such procedures are typically minimal. Before you decide to have cosmetic breast enhancement surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your plastic surgeon.

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Breast Surgery Procedures
Breast Augmentation Breast Implants
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Breast Enhancement & Breast Enlargement

Breast enhancement is a surgery performed to increase the size and enhance the shape of a woman’s breasts through the use of implants which are placed under the natural breast, either above or below the pectoral muscle.

Because of the many advancements in surgical techniques and new technology regarding the construction of breast-implants, breast enlargement surgery offers results which are significantly more satisfactory than those seen in previous decades. A woman can choose from a vast array of shapes and sizes when selecting an implant and has the option of increasing her breast size by one or more bra cup sizes.
Breast Reduction.

Breast reduction surgery–reduction mammoplasty–is a procedure in which a cosmetic surgeon removes a specific amount of skin and breast tissue in order to reduce the size of the breasts and reshape their overall appearance. It is also possible to decrease the size of the areola in order to maintain aesthetically correct proportions once the breast size has been decreased. Sometimes the areola and nipple must be removed and stitched to a new location which can result in a loss of sensation in these areas, as the nerves are cut when this procedure is performed.

A variety of reasons exist for pursuing this surgery including the neck and back pain that sometimes occurs in women with large, heavy breasts. Posture problems are also a significant disadvantage for such women as the constant pull of heavy breasts can encourage slouching and hunching. In addition, some women who enjoy sports may feel they have limitations due to the size of their breasts, making it uncomfortable and awkward to complete the physical movements required for certain sports. Some women may also feel that the size of their breasts are out of proportion to their weight and height, which can be embarrassing and result in unwelcome attention. Breast reduction surgery can eliminate most of these issues. Continue reading about breast reduction.

Breast Lift

As the name indicates, breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, focuses on the lifting and reshaping of breasts that are beginning to droop and to sag. There are numerous reasons this can occur such as poor posture, going braless, multiple childbirths, and simply gravity taking its toll as the years go by. Women with large breasts are more prone to experience sagging and drooping, especially if a support bra was not consistently worn. A breast lift procedure will not alter the size of a woman’s breasts, but rather the breast tissue is shifted and rearranged in order to dramatically improve the appearance of breasts which have begun to sag.

Some women opt for another technique used by some plastic surgeons called a laser breast lift. As previously mentioned, traditional breast surgery involves small incisions; however, laser breast lifts are noninvasive and can result in a reduction of excess fatty tissue and smoother skin, as well as the aforementioned benefits. Learn more about breast lift surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is not a wholly cosmetic procedure, but is undergone by many women who have lost a breast due to illness or who have become disfigured through an injury. One type of breast reconstruction involves the use of the aforementioned saline or silicone devices to reshape the breasts. This process typically involves two or more operations and numerous follow-up visits.

There is an alternate breast reconstruction procedure in which the cosmetic surgeon creates a breast mound from tissue taken from the patient’s back, abdomen or buttocks. While this type of procedure will not re-create the exact appearance and feeling of one’s natural breast, it will restore a silhouette similar to what the patient had before her illness or injury. Learn more about breast reconstruction.