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Breast Lift Surgery

Defining Breast Lift:

Breast lift or ‘Mastopexy’ is a process where the excess skin is removed causing the tightening of the surrounding tissues that raises the breasts. The patients undergoing breast lift help to reshape and support the contour of breast. ‘Mastopexy’ also helps to reduce the enlarged areola. Women who undergo breast lift feel rejuvenated with the new-found figure and make her feel more youthful. Breast lift surgery does not change the size of breasts, or make it look fuller.

Why Breast Lift:

The woman’s breasts lose the skin elasticity over a period of time causing a reduction in the youthful shape and firmness. Aging, heredity, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight fluctuations are some of the causes that decrease the elasticity of the women’s breast.

Good Candidate for Breast lift:

Breast lift works well for the women who are physically healthy with stable weight, is a non-smoker, whose breasts has lost shape and volume, or has become flatter and/or whose nipples and areolas have pointed downward.

Procedure of Breast Lift:

The incision patterns and techniques are determined by the breast shape and size, position of the areolas, quality of the skin and the degree of sagging of breast.

The steps of techniques are as follows:

  1. Anesthesia to the patient: Patients are sedated to comfort them during the surgical procedure.
  2. Incision pattern: Any of the three patterns of incisions can be done: around the areole, around the areole and vertically down from areole, and around the areole and vertically down from breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease.
  3. Reshaping of the breasts: Once the incision is made, the doctor lifts the underlying breast tissue and reshape the breast firmness. Repositioning of both the nipple and areola must be done. In order to compensate the loss of elasticity, the excess breast skin is removed.
  4. Closing of the incisions made: To tighten the remaining skin of breast, the incisions are closed. Incisions are the permanent marks on the body that diminishes significantly over a period of time. To close the skin, sutures or skin adhesives and tapes can be used.
  5. Results of the surgery: Results can be seen almost immediately.

Risks of Breast Lift:

The risks associated with the procedure are as follows: Risks associated with anesthesia, infections, poor healing, breast asymmetry, fluid accumulation and fat-necrosis, loss of nipple or areole. There are chances of deep vein thrombosis, hematoma formation, cardiac and pulmonary complications. The risks and changes in the body associated with the breast lift must be clearly stated by the plastic surgeon to the patients.

Results of Breast Lift:

Though the results of breast lift become visible immediately, the swelling due to surgery can resolve with time. If the patient maintains correct weight and keep a healthy lifestyle, the patient can see the changes in her look.

Breast lift recovery:

The breast lift recovery and dressing or bandages is applied to the incisions once the procedure is finished. The patients are advised to wear the elastic bandage or support bra. This ensures to minimize and support the breasts so they can heal. Medications that aid in healing and reduce the chances of infection must be applied regularly.

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