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Breast Implants and Mental Health

When people think about breast implants, whether silicone or saline, their minds immediately go to the reality of the procedure, to the feel of the breasts and to the look that is achieved. However, few people really understand what goes on in the minds of people whose lives are bettered through the use of this process.There is a great deal of pressure in modern society to look a certain way, and for women, breasts are part of that picture. When a person looks down expecting to see curves on a chest that is mostly flat, there is a sense of dysphoria there that no padded bra can alleviate. Women speak of feeling foreign in their bodies, of feeling as if they are unwomanly or rendered unattractive due to what their perceive as their lack.After breast implants, many woman are more confident than they have ever been in their lives. They feel as if they have the body that they have always wanted, in fact, the body that they should always have had. While some people call breast implants a needless procedure, it is more relevant by far to speak to the women who have received. They describe feelings of relief, of elation and of joy. Their bodies match what the image of what they should have been all along.breast implantsFor many women, breast implants allow them to change their lives in a real and meaningful way. Because they are constantly not at odds with their bodies, they can look after their health in a more realistic way. Women with implants are inspired to lose weight, to quit smoking, and to make other changes that increase their quality of life. These changes are things that can affect them on a long-term basis and for the better as well.There is no doubt that the body affects the mind. When you look at your body and you see something that frustrates you, saddens you or makes you angry, it is important to do what you can to change in. For many women, breast implants offer a comfort with their bodies that they have never felt before. Imagine what it might feel like to finally have the body that you have always wanted, the one that you knew you were meant to have.Consider what your options are when it comes to breast implants. It can change your mind as much as it changes your life!

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