Teen Nose Surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons noted that over 42,000 teens underwent nose surgery in 2003. Though the numbers of teens having nose surgery today have not been tabulated, the sheer number of all people receiving nose surgery is surmountable. There are over 300,000 nose surgery examples that have been set for our nation’s children just in the 2006 year alone. Perhaps, more recently though, the role of the nose captured through the hit movie Penelope may have prompted interest teens for nose surgery. Just as Penelope may have felt cursed, rejected, fearful of acceptance, experienced a sense of hopelessness and parental overprotection- a teen with a displeasing nose may show similar or less exasperated symptoms. Yet, when it comes to plastic surgery for teens, there are unique considerations.

  • Teen nose surgery cannot be performed until the nose is fully developed usually between 15 and 16 years of age.
  • The teen must be the one to desire nose surgery, parental influence can have an impact on a teen’s life.
  • The teen needs to understand the nose surgery involves recovery time, discomfort, swelling and a less than pleasing appearance for sometime following nose surgery.
  • The teen should have support in their decision to proceed with nose surgery. Teens usually do not request surgery unless they feel it is necessary. In fact, teens will need assistance through the recovery period.

In conclusion, the decision of nose surgery for a teen involves both parents and the teen. Plastic surgeons will screen teens and parents to ensure that the nose surgery is timely and a true desire of the teen to manage reasonable expectations for the outcome of the nose surgery. A displeasing nose may be a focal point of a concern to a teen and one that may be relieved through nose surgery.

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