Teen Liposuction

In 2006, a twelve year old girl by the name of Brook located in Austin Texas became the subject of media attention when she underwent liposuction to remove 35 pounds of fat. Liposuction has traditionally been meant for the removal of small pockets of fat. In addition, plastic surgery is not usually recommended for children unless it is determined that the child has the maturity to understand and manage the results of the procedure even in the event that a complication arises. This may be a large responsibility for a child to manage and many have contended that the first step for an overweight child is to instill an exercise regimen and proper diet. Yet, this idea is not applicable to every overweight or obese child. For example, obesity is a disease that may not be managed through traditional means by individuals.

In the same year, findings of a liposuction study were published in Plastic Surgery Products that introduced large volume liposuction for adult study participants authored by Dr. Leroy Young. The study found that metabolic activities did not necessarily change following liposuction, but there were advantages to large volume liposuction for the study participants. The study did note that there was a higher risk of complications associated with obese patients that underwent large volume liposuction. Yet, the idea of large volume liposuction was introduced positively to demonstrate a solution for those that may be in of need.

Since 2006, there have been two societies formed to educate plastic surgeons about plastic surgery treatment for the obese. Plastic surgeons have been able to attend continuing education classes on topics relating to plastic surgery for the obese over the past three or more years now. In fact, there are a select number of plastic surgeons that focus the attention of their practice on plastic surgery treatment for the obese.


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