Rhinoplasty Costs: A Variable Number

Rhinoplasty costs may factor in the geographic location of the plastic surgeon, the training and experience of the plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty, anesthesia provider costs, the type of anesthesia, and the type of facility that the procedure is performed in. Yet, variations in rhinoplasty costs can also occur on the day of surgery.

Rhinoplasty facility fees include the costs for nurses, equipment, supplies, post operative recovery, and overhead. Facility fees for rhinoplasty are more expensive when the rhinoplasty is performed in a hospital when compared to a fully accredited office based surgical facility. Yet, there may be unforeseen facility costs for rhinoplasty because of other reasons, including:

Post Operative Recovery Time Increases: Rhinoplasty costs may increase should the patient require more time than average in the recovery room.

Anesthesia Cost Increases: Sometimes, anesthesia costs are included in facilities fees. Other times, the cost for anesthesia in rhinopasty is broken out. Costs for the anesthesia itself (local or general) and the anesthesia provider are combined. Anesthesia costs can increase should the patient require more anesthesia. Anesthesia costs for rhinoplasty may also increase should the patient require additional recovery time from anesthesia in the post operative recovery room.

Overtime Surgery: The extent of the rhinoplasty procedure affects costs. For example, costs for the improvement of a nose bump is less than nose augmentation, full nose reconstruction or functional improvement for the nose. Facility fees for rhinoplasty can be affected when the procedure extends overtime.

Plastic surgeons may or may not charge for additional facility fees, depending upon the extent of the changed requirements. In addition, insurance companies may cover all or a portion of the medically necessary for functional purposes such as breathing difficulty.

It is important for rhinoplasty patients to inquire about insurance coverage for rhinoplasty at the time of an initial consultation. Plastic surgeons may identify medical necessity for the rhinoplasty procedure at this time. This will allow ample time to complete insurance paperwork and submit for a pre-approval of payment from the insurance company prior to surgery. There are also patient financing companies that are available for financing the rhinoplasty procedure. options, low interest, and flexible repayment options for people of most any level of credit worthiness.

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