Rhinoplasty Doctor Check List

Searching for a rhinoplasty doctor can be extremely unique. The ways that rhinoplasty can affect your life is definitely impacted by the choice you make in a doctor. The type of training that nose surgery doctors go through to obtain permission to perform nose surgery varies among doctors. Most any surgeon with a medical license may perform the rhinoplasty procedure. Yet, limitations are set by hospitals which only allow nose surgeons with approved peer reviewed skills to obtain hospital staff privileges to perform nose surgery procedures. Office based facilities are often private which allows just about any surgeon the ability to perform surgery. Though, many surgeons do seek out accreditation to perform surgical procedures in office based facilities.

  • Credentials are extremely important such as board certification through The American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Memberships with organizations such as The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Residency training provided by hospitals which may be plastic surgery, reconstructive or general surgery.
  • Hospital staff privileges such as those that are earned through a review of peer skills.
  • Number of cases that the doctor has performed.
  • Number of patients that have experienced complications with the doctor.
  • The types of precautions taken prior to the procedure to safeguard against complications.
  • The types of instructions that are provided to follow after the procedure.

In the end, it is important for consumers today to carefully screen nose surgeons before deciding on the right nose surgeon to perform the procedure. The rewards associated with nose surgery can be quite enhancing, but every step must be taken to ensure that you select the right doctor prior to the procedure.

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