Recovery from Summer Sun Damage

Recovery from summer sun damage is common this time for this time of year. There are a variety of methods that may be used for repairing sun damage. Facials are the traditional approach to rejuvenate skin. Yet, chemical peels do provide for the leveraged benefit of accelerated exfoliation to compensate for the aging skin process. Here’s a quick recap!

  • Chemical peels may be applied to the face for a short period time by a skincare professional. There are a variety of types of chemical peels available at different strengths to accommodate for the appropriate need. The degree of sun damage plays a role in the type of chemical peel that is selected.
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing: Laser skin resurfacing is another method that is used over winter months to improve sun damage and the signs of aging. Laser skin resurfacing involves the use of energy waves to lift and tighten skin while addressing sun damage.
  • Medical Grade Skincare: Medical grade skincare is another approach to addressing the signs of aging skin. Medical grade skincare can be found at a plastic surgeons office or a dermatology office. In fact, these physicians will diagnose your condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.
  • The Over the Counter Approach: The over-the-counter approach may include skin care products that contain salicylic acid which removes the upper dead skin levels and helps to provide a rejuvenated appearance.

In the end, the best approach to recovery from sun damage is to take it one step at a time. The use of any of the strategies is usually repeated for an optimal result. The benefits of those approaches can last for many years to come. And the benefits will be realized before you know it.

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