Office Based Plastic Surgery Facilities

Office based plastic surgery facilities are one of the foremost types of facilities to have plastic surgery today. Yet, people interested in plastic surgery must investigate the facility as much as they investigate the plastic surgeon that they plan to have the procedure with. Accreditation for office based facilities is loosely governed at present. Prior to the availability of office based surgical facilities, people went to the hospital to have surgical procedures performed. Yet, just as surgical procedures have become less invasive, office based surgical facilities in plastic surgery have been meant to be surgical suites with safety, privacy and confidentiality being the forefront concern.

By the same token, the U.S. based surgical environment is under transformation with the shift from hospital environments that may be more costly to state-of-the-art surgical facilities that are less expensive. With this transformation is the need for standardization in facilities. Currently, many states are making headway with the implementation of new laws that would better protect consumers interested in office based surgical facilities. Eighteen states have mandating laws regarding office based surgical facilities. An example of a state with the most stringent laws is New York State. In New York State, physicians have eighteen months to bring their facilities through the accreditation process provided by one of three organizations, including: the American Association of Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Associations.

Policy in Standardization of Office Based Facilities

The above three accreditation agencies have several types of standards to adhere to in order to achieve accreditation, including: standards for surgical and respiratory equipment, standards for sterilization, standards for personnel and the types of duties that each staff member may perform. Perhaps, your policy in selecting an office based surgical facility should be to review the type of standards that the plastic surgeon abides by prior to committing to office based plastic surgery.

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