Reduced Expenses for Obese Patients

Plastic surgery for post bariatric patients through a body lift procedure may seem like an overwhelming expense. Yet, the improvement of a deformed appearance with excess skin that extends beyond the norm may outweigh the costs associated with the body lift procedure. In fact, there are a few more incentives whereby costs in everyday life are reduced following massive weight loss surgery and body lift procedures that may follow.

  • Reduced food costs. Weight loss surgery such as the gastric bypass and lap band restricts food intake and reduces the requirement of purchasing excess food.
  • Massive weight loss procedures and the body lift help people to purchase normal size clothing that is often not as costly as clothing for the obese.
  • The results of weight loss surgery and the body lift reduce the need for medical supplies that were otherwise necessary to assist an obese person.
  • Weight loss surgery may take away the need for medications such as diabetes medication, high blood pressure drugs and topical ointments for skin conditions, according to recent studies.
  • Hospital and medical costs are likely to be reduced through the lower risks of medical conditions and absence of previous medical conditions.
  • Insurance companies are now more likely to pay for weight loss surgery and body lift procedures than they were before.
  • Massive weight loss patients interested in the body lift may purchase insurance to protect against complications that may result from the body lift procedure. This contributes to a possible savings from costs that would normally be associated with the treatment for complications with the body lift procedure.
  • Savings on in-home expenses and utilities through greater participation in outdoor activities.

While the time commitment and recovery from massive weight loss surgery and body lift procedures may be great, the reduced expense over a lifetime for an obese person that has experienced massive weight loss is remarkable. The costs associated with massive weight loss surgery have recently been more likely to be covered by insurance- a refreshing change from years past. The body lift procedures may or may not be covered by insurance plans to date. Yet, the benefits of improved functionality, well-being, and enhanced appearance may open the door to many rewards, including: a good paying career, enjoyment in day-to-day activities, participation in social events and an overall improvement in quality of life.

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