Nose Surgery and Computer Imaging Technology

Nose surgeons are diligence to provide a thorough evaluation of the nose during consultations for rhinoplasty. The evaluation for the type of technique used in nose surgery requires both an objective and artistic analysis. The nose is a focal point of the face and can be suggestive of balance and harmony of the face.

Today, many plastic surgeons use computer imaging technology to help develop the surgical plan. They may also use computer imaging technology to display before and after nose surgery photos. The type of information gathered from computer imaging and a meticulous plastic surgeon’s eyes includes measurements for a number of facial angles:

  • Bottom of the chin to the neck
  • Length of the neck
  • Width of the jaw and cheekbones
  • Skin sagging in the lower face
  • Space from top of the cheeks to the eyes
  • Size of the forehead
  • Size of the ears and distance of the ears from the end of the cheekbones
  • Distance between the tip of the nose to the chin
  • Distance from the tip of the nose to the break in the nose
  • Distance from the break of the nose to the top of the eyebrows
  • Distance between the eye brows
  • Type and location of abnormalities such as humps and bumps
  • Distance in side of the nose
  • Size of the nostrils and the tip of the nose

There may be additional individual focal points that plastic surgeon evaluate for people interested in nose surgery such as crookedness, asymmetry between the nostrils or sides of the nose, as well as the position of the nostrils and nose tip.

Nose surgeons that see many patients tend to be able to have an advantage in determining measurements of the nose and applying the right techniques in nose surgery. Some of these plastic surgeons may too use computer technology to enhance the capacity of measurements in nose surgery.

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