Neck Liposuction The Ins and Outs

Neck liposuction is an attractive option for those with a turkey waddle. Yet, a turkey waddle may not be always improved through liposuction alone. Neck liposuction is useful for the purpose of removing small pockets of fat on the neck. In many cases, the removal of neck fat through liposuction is all that is required. Yet, the extent of loose skin and ability for neck skin to have elasticity following surgery both play a role in the results of neck liposuction. Depending upon these factors, there are two other procedures that may be required for men and women interested in improving the appearance of their neck, including:

  • SMAS Face Lift:The SMAS Face Lift technique involves a S-shaped incision around the ear. The SMAS technique has an impact on the appearance of the neck and lower face. In the case of a SMAS lift, the skin, underlying tissue and possibly muscles may be treated and repositioned into place.
  • Neck Lift: Neck lift procedure allows for the re-draping of loose skin and tissue to provide for a refined appearance of the neck.

The positive news is that people of all ages may benefit from neck liposuction and the procedure is less invasive than many other types of plastic surgery procedures. The procedure may be performed under local anaesthesia and sedation, allowing for a decreased risk of complications. Recovery is usually within three or more days. Despite the requirement for a garment that may be required to be worn for some time following the procedure, most patients are satisfied with the results of their neck liposuction. Neck liposuction can be one of those procedures that allow you to be in and out of the plastic surgeon’s office and recovered within a relatively short period of time. You may want to consider necklift surgery

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