Men and Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is a common request among men. The masculinity of a man’s nose is important to many men as the nose is the central feature of the face. Any presentation of awkwardness in a male nose may be a reason why a man selects nose surgery. Some of the common changes that men may request include:

  • Complaints about dorsal humps
  • Uncomfortable with a drooping nose tip
  • Large or bulbous nose
  • Enlarged nostrils
  • Bent up nasal tip
  • Depression at bridge of the nose
  • Feminine appearing nose
  • Affects of nose injury
  • Deviated septum, crooked nose

The good news for men and nose surgery is that it may be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia in a same day surgical center. The recovery period is usually up to ten days and the results last for many years to follow. Men with a more feminine appearing nose tend to be satisfied with changes to their nose tip and size increase. Men with an unusually large, bulbous or atypical lumps and bumps on the nose often like the refinements made to bring the size of the nose down. Boys may feel that the image of their nose affects social life and participation in activities. However, boys cannot undergo nose surgery until the nose is fully developed by sixteen years of age or so. The nose will always tend to be a central feature of the face and nose surgery can be an enhancement that may accent other features of the face in a most complimentary way.

It is important to note that certain plastic surgeons focus on treating men and women in need of rhinoplasty. These doctors may have received additional training and may have earned more than one type of board certification that combines specialty expertise for both aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive nose surgery. Men interested in nose surgery may receive a consultation to address the concerns they have about their nose with plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons will provide a diagnosis of the condition, all treatment options for the condition, and review the risks associated with treatment options.

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