Liposuction Following Massive Weight Loss

Liposuction may be the first thought that comes to mind following massive weight loss for difficult areas that are still problematic after weight loss. This may occur because liposuction is a commonly known plastic surgery procedure that relates to weight loss. It is true that liposuction is appropriate for some areas in massive weight loss patients. Large volume liposuction may be appropriate for people that have larger bodily areas that did not respond to traditional weight loss methods or bariatric surgery. More conservative liposuction may be required for smaller trouble spots. Yet, true body contouring steps in when a massive weight loss patient has an excessive amount of skin that results because the skin had been continually stretched during excessive weight gain.

There are a variety of body contouring procedures which are referred to as a body lift when all of the following areas of the body have excess skin, including:

  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Breasts

Body contouring for the excision of excess skin may be performed on one or more areas at the same time. This allows for anesthesia fees and facility fees to be combined, thus reduced costs when compared to performing the procedures at different times. Yet, the number of areas that can be treated and the extent of the required treatment areas play a role in the number of surgical sessions that may be required to produce a fully satisfactory outcome. For example, plastic surgeons do not usually extend surgery for more than six hours. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the case, they may not recommend body contouring surgery for even six hours.

Plastic surgeons carefully evaluate post bariatric patients before undergoing body lift procedures to remove excess skin. The following factors are taken into consideration with every post bariatric patient, including:

  • Medical conditions
  • Medications, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements
  • Degree of excessive skin
  • Assessment for other procedures such as liposuction
  • Additional higher risks that may be applicable for the particular case

Both liposuction and body lift procedures nay be required to produce a fully complimentary outcome. In many cases, these procedures can be combined in one session’s time. The beauty in the results of the procedures can be rewarding and life enhancing from a day- to-day prospective. In addition, people that have medical conditions related to excessive skin are relieved following body lift procedures.

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