Hints To Identify Breast Lift Candidacy

Breast lift procedures are requested by adult women of most any age. The idea of improving the appearance of droopy saggy breasts is appealing for many. The following hints may help clarify some small details about the procedure, but true clarity about the breast lift procedure can be realized through a plastic surgeon. In any case, the hints may prompt questions you can ask your plastic surgeon about.

1. Dense breasts that hang to the mid line of the arm may be the best candidates for a breast lift procedure.

2. Lack of fullness in the upper breast pole may signify the need for a breast implant to build volume in the upper pole. Alternatively, the plastic surgeon may reposition the existing breast tissue, providing there is enough breast tissue to work with.

3. Breasts that are more glandular and less fatty tend to fair well in the breast lift procedure.

4. Skin elasticity and the skin envelope play a role in the outcome of the breast lift procedure.

5. Thin skin is a consideration in the breast lift procedure.
6. Stretch marks on the breasts can be difficult to mask in a breast lift procedure.

7. Breasts may appear enlarged following a breast lift procedure. This is because there is a significant amount swelling following a breast lift procedure.

8. Breast Lift-Breast Augmentation combination procedures are often staged to provide the right position for the nipple following breast augmentation surgery because breast implants drop in the weeks following breast augmentation. Some plastic surgeons do perform both procedures together, but this requires a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in the procedures.

9. A low lying breast is defined by breasts that hang below the mid line of the arm. Such breasts may point down and hang below the breast crease. Breast lifts for these types of candidates may be the most difficult to perform. Inquire about the plastic surgeon’s experience in performing breasts lifts on women with low lying breasts.

10. Breast lift techniques have advanced. Some plastic surgeons utilize techniques that create shorter scars and omit some of the traditional scars that are associated with the breast lift procedure.

In conclusion, it is wise for women interested in the breast lift to speak with a plastic surgeon about every detail involved in the breast lift procedure. Breast lifts techniques vary among plastic surgeons. In fact, the information here cannot replace or truly indentify candidacy for the breast lift procedure. There are many other factors that go into the decision about a breast lift. Inquiring about all aspects involved in the breast lift surgery will help set reasonable expectations for the outcome of the breast lift procedure. All in all, the benefits of the breast lift are enhancing, but the realization of a breast lift can be best identified through a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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