Breast Augmentation For Life? Not True

Breast augmentation is undoubtedly one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. More than one million women have undergone the procedure in just the past four years with the understanding that the procedure may need to be revised in years to come. In fact, silicone breast implants are advised to be changed out within ten to fifteen years. Yet, that factor has not prevented those patients from following through with breast augmentation. Clearly, the benefits from breast augmentation are realized by many and the sacrifice associated with the prospect of a second procedure years later is not intimidating for many. Why so, you may ask?

Aside from the advantage of life enhancing benefits achieved through breast augmentation, revision breast augmentation is often not as invasive as an initial procedure. In most cases, the breast implant can be easily slipped out through the first incision (when under the breast) and replaced by the plastic surgeon within a very short period of time. Local anesthesia is sometimes used in a revision breast augmentation procedure as well. Recovery is not necessarily as extensive as the first time because your body had become accustomed to the first set of breast implants over time.

Secondly, aging breast implants may appear to sag or aged thinned skin around the breast implant makes the implant more visible in some areas. Highly visible breast implants may be improved through fillers or fat transfer, but add this to sagginess- a second breast augmentation procedure may be appealing after all. Indeed, aged implants may simply wear out, making them more prone to leaking and rupture. Leaking and ruptured breast implants are another reason for a change. Finally, women tend to put on weight in elder years. More weigh on the breasts may be renewing for some, but uncomfortable for others. Breast implants can be changed in size the second time around.

In fact, the materials used in breast implants today are more advanced than their predecessors. As history repeats itself, we will probably find that every ten years or so an improved breast implant will be revealed. The idea of the latest and greatest for your body can be one of many reasons to have revision breast augmentation. Undoubtedly, revision breast augmentation is a procedure that is here to stay and required for many breast augmentation patients.

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