Tips For Choosing A Breast Augmentation Doctor

There are any different types of doctors that perform breast augmentation today. There are over 100 self-designated boards in plastic surgery. Yet, board certification of any kind does not mean that the doctor is qualified to perform your breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation is a personal procedure that is unique for every individual. The cosmetic surgery procedure can be most rewarding when the right doctor is selected for the procedure. The beauty of breast augmentation can be fulfilling with improved self-esteem, better fitting clothes and an enhancement in lifestyle.

Women interested in breast augmentation are advised to bring in a list of questions that they should address to the plastic surgeon of their choice in order to identify that this is the right doctor for their plastic surgery procedure.

1. Inquire about the number of years that the surgeon has performed the procedure.

2. Inquire about the number of breast augmentation procedures that the doctor has performed.

3. Inquire about the type of technique that the surgeon uses for the procedure.

4. Inquire about why the doctor prefers that technique over other techniques.

5. Inquire about the number of patients that had complications and the reason behind typical complications.

6. Inquire about the types of breast implants that the doctor uses and why the doctor feels that the breast implants they choose to use are the right choice for your particular procedure.

7. Inquire about staff members that may assist with the breast augmentation surgery. Be certain to understand their certification, expertise, and the level of interaction that they will have in your particular procedure.

8. Inquire about warranties for breast implants and if there is insurance coverage available in the event of complications.

9. Inquire about the type of facility that will perform the procedure. Breast augmentation doctors may perform the procedure in an office based surgical facility or hospital.

10. Inquire about the type of equipment that will be used in the procedure.

11. Understand the different types of anesthesia choices, including: general, local and sedation.

12. Understand how mammography testing requirements may change following breast augmentation.

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