Breast Augmentation and Stem Cells

Breast augmentation through stem cells may be the next advancement possible for women that desire a most natural breast enhancement appearance. In fact, the use of stem cells for breast augmentation may be the least invasive method of all available for the 21st century.

Stem cells have been at the top of the list for many medical researchers over the past decade. The idea behind stem cells for breast augmentation is for liposuction to be used to extract fat cells that are plentiful in stem cells from an area of the body where there is unwanted localized fat. Stem cells may be then prepared and injected into the breast area. Multiple injections possibly at different sessions may be required to achieve a complete breast augmentation. In the meantime, breast reconstruction patients may have a more natural means to repair deformities that may result from breast cancer biopsies or breast cancer surgery.

Stem cells not only promote an advantage for repairing damaged or deficient breast tissue, but have the ability to stimulate growth of new breast tissue. In fact, researchers have identified the ability for stem cells to be used for a possible replacement of cartilage and bone as well. Stem cells have many different possible medical applications other than just in breast augmentation. In plastic surgery, stem cells may one day be an alternative to traditional injectables, rhinoplasty and other types of plastic surgery procedures. In other specialties, stem cells are being investigated for use in spinal cord injury, down’s syndrome, heart conditions, and epilepsy- among other medical conditions.

The idea of breast augmentation through stem cells is only an ideal at this time. Yet, an ideal that is very appealing from the prospective of bio-compatibility, less invasiveness and a natural look that can last for years to come.

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