Breast Augmentation – Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation may be performed in a variety of ways today. Perhaps, one of the most unique and natural ways to perform breast augmentation is through the use of one’s own breast tissue. Though this type of variation has probably been the least commonly known technique for breast augmentation patients, the results have been highly satisfactory for women that are candidates for such a variation. In fact, the added bonus is that women may remove excess fat and tissue from unwanted areas at the same time. The ideal candidate for this type of technique may fit into one of the following categories:

  • Women that have had several pregnancies
  • Women that have had children at an older age
  • Women that have lost a significant amount of weight
  • Women over 50 with aged breasts

Select plastic surgeons are now able to extract unwanted fat and tissue from the tummy, bra line, or arms and use such fat and tissue to reshape the breasts. So, indeed, there is a two for one option available for breast augmentation today and one that allows for a most natural look at the same time.

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