Breast Augmentation With A Breast Lift

The breast augmentation breast lift combination procedure has become more commonly requested in recent years. The trick in the decision for the breast augmentation breast lift combination procedure is based on the anatomy of the breasts. Many women have the desire to increase breast size, but may not consider that adding weight to the breasts will produce a greater amount of sagging. For this reason, some breast augmentation candidates require a breast lift. Breast lift procedures address many types of changes that women may desire. The breast lift may be required to lift the breasts, create upper pole fullness in the top portion of the breasts and/or improve the appearance of asymmetrical breasts.

The breast lift is a procedure that may also be performed without a breast augmentation should breast size increase not be a factor in breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons may reposition existing breast tissue to enhance the appearance of breasts in a breast lift procedure. Repositioning of the breast tissue can create more upper pole fullness in the breasts, improve asymmetry and present an enhanced appearance in clothes.

Truly, though the breast lift procedure is designed for those that do not mind the scarring that is associated with the procedure. The extent of scarring is another consideration. Evaluation for the extent of the scar is completed during initial consultation for the procedure with a plastic surgeon. Many women may be candidates for the breast lift technique which omits some visible incisions that may produce excessive scarring. Since the incision choices are unique for every individual, potential scarring is a serious decision to evaluate prior to undergoing the breast lift procedure. Consultations should be completed within one hour and most patients are happy with the results in the end.

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