Enhancing Natural Beauty: Breast Reduction for Women and Men

A breast reduction surgery can be preformed on both men and women with excessive breast tissue.

A female breast reduction is ideal for women with large, sagging breasts which are uncomfortable and interfere with one’s life style. Large breasts could be painful, unhealthy, cause upper back, neck and shoulder pain. In addition, large breast tissue could cause hand numbness, reduce nipple sensation and restrict certain activities such as exercise.

Some men have deposits of excess breast tissue and fat in their breasts, giving them a feminine look. Studies show that 30% to 60% of adult men will develop a condition called male gynecomastia, or excessive growth of breast tissue, over the course of their lives. While sometimes related to medicines or a hormonal imbalance, these inciting causes are not often found to be a factor. Most cases are a matter of bad luck! Having excess breast tissue may be embarrassing to men and could also cause pain and discomfort of the chest.

Most breast reduction procedures for men or women maybe covered by medical insurance.

The Straight Facts on Surgery

With all said, here are a few commonly asked questions about breast reduction surgery:

Is breast reduction procedure for me?

During a consultation with a Plastics Surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians, you have the chance to discuss the goals and expectations of the surgery. The surgeon will assess your breast and body contour and will discuss the outcome of your procedure.

What is the breast reduction surgery like?

The procedure is performed at an outpatient surgical facility. The procedure typically takes just over two hours for male breast reduction and about four hours for female breast reduction to perform. Most patients recover within 1 to 2 hours after surgery and are discharged home.

What is the recovery from breast augmentation surgery like?

Most patients are ambulatory few hours after surgery. It is suggested to rest a few days following the procedure. A post surgical bra is worn for several weeks. There is some discomfort and swelling after the surgery. The surgeon prescribes antibiotic and oral pain medication for control of discomfort. Depending on the type of job and level of activity at work, one can go back to work as early as 3 to 7 days following surgery.

Can a woman breast feed after breast reduction surgery?

Although breast tissue and fat is removed during the surgery, enough glandular breast tissue may remain to produce milk; the ability to nurse after a breast reduction procedure is unpredictable.

How will I feel or look after a breast reduction surgery?

There will be some swelling following the surgery. The majority of bruising is reduced within one week following the procedure. Physicians at Beverly Hills Physicians will prescribe certain over the counter natural supplements that will help to prevent or significantly reduce swelling and bruising. We also utilize pain pump for speedy and painless recovery. The scars in women will flatten and fade up to 2 years following the procedure. In men the scars are around the areola and will also fade away.

Follow your surgeon’s advice on when to resume your normal activities. Frequent postoperative checkups are beneficial to ensure proper healing. Your surgeon should discuss in full detail the steps required both before and after your surgery to attain the best results. This article is only meant to serve as a basic overview of the procedure.

Knowledge and Trust at Beverly Hills Physicians

We have performed thousands of breast reduction surgery. Majority of our patients have been referred from a friend or family member who has had a good experience. If you are considering a procedure, always check to see that your physician is a true plastic surgeon. You want your surgeon to be board eligible or certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. You should also ask your plastic surgeon to show you before and after pictures of his/her prior patients or even ask to talk to a few prior patients.

Your Satisfying New Shape

A breast reduction can make a dramatic change in ones appearance and self confidence. Many people find new enjoyment in activities such as sports, exercise or even everyday activities. For any further questions please contact one of our locations for a complimentary consultation with a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Call us at 800.788.1416

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