Water Assisted Liposuction Introduced

Recently, water assisted liposuction has been added to the list of the types of liposuction techniques available to women and men. The technique may prove to be advantageous in several ways. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and may require less time than traditional liposuction techniques. The technique is associated with less trauma when compared to traditional liposuction which results in less pain. There is also less blood loss and consequently, less bruising following the procedure. The results are immediately visible. Water assisted liposuction may also be useful in fat transfers because the quality of the fat is suspected to be optimal when compared to other methods to acquire donor fat.

In traditional liposuction, a combination of solutions such as saline water and lidocaine are injected under the skin to assist in breaking up the fat cells. During water assisted liposuction, a machine pump at the cannula tip delivers high pressured fluid comprised of a variety of substances such as adrenaline that causes the fat to break up. The delivery of the high pressured water separates the fat cells without damage to other underlying structures. In both traditional and water assisted liposuction, the fluid and fat cells are suctioned back into the cannula. The adrenalin that is used in the water assisted technique causes blood vessels to shrink which reduces the amount of blood loss. Unlike traditional liposuction, the patient may stand up and see the results of the procedure as the procedure is being performed to see the view of the treatment area and identify the need for additional liposuction.

There are numerous types of liposuction methods available today, including, but not limited to: tumescent, laser, and ultrasound. Each type of liposuction is associated with a set of benefits and risks. The tumescent approach is one type that has passed the test of time.

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