A Shift in Training for Facial Plastic Surgeons? A Study for Enlightenment

A Shift in Training for Facial Plastic Surgeons to Come?

There have been several studies over the years that have suggested different ways that bones change with age. Women’s noses and eyebrows change over time. The documented resulting changes helped to develop training for facial plastic surgery procedures. After all, it would be important to know how bones shift over time in order to implement facial plastic surgery treatment plans. Interestingly enough, the model to follow was based on Leonardo DiVinci’s estimation of proportions. The calculations have been used in plastic surgery for many years. Yet, there has been a shift in plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons today focus on the artistic development of treatment plans for women interested in facial plastic surgery. In addition, more and more women of ethnic origin with differential features have undergone facial plastic surgery. So, plastic surgeons have found new methods for treating women of ethnic origin. Most recently, study results complied by Dr. David Kim, former Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco, shows the need for plastic surgeons to make a shift in their training for facial plastic surgery.

A Study for Enlightenment

Indeed, the shape, angle and proportion of the nose and eyes change. Yet, Kim’s study uncovered that there are different variations when compared to those that were calculated in years past. In the study, the participants’ photos were morphed through digital imaging to develop altered photos that were suggestive of the types of changes that women would experience in the eye brows and nose. The participants were of varying ages and ethnicity. The photos displayed images of each model with either a wider or narrower nose, varying degrees off upturn in the nasal tip, alternating positions in the peak of the eye brow. Then, the morphed images were rated for beauty by over 150 men and women. The result of the ratings showed a greater inclination for attractiveness in the models whose morphed photos did not follow traditional guidelines for measurement of proportion. For the moment, the verdict is out. But until there is a final verdict, women interested in facial plastic surgery such as nose surgery, brow lift and forehead lift can be rest assured that plastic surgeons use artistic and technical skill to create complimentary outcomes for their patients.

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