Does Scarless Plastic Surgery Exist?

“Scarless” plastic surgery must be a golden grail among plastic surgeons and people interested in plastic surgery alike. The plastic surgery community has long embraced the idea of scarless plastic surgery. The community has moved leaps and bounds to develop procedures that are less invasive, including those that that reduce scar requirements from 3 to 1 or none.

In terms of face lift surgery, laser treatments, medical grade skincare and injectibles are three “scarless” procedures that are meant to postpone a facelift for many potential years to come. In fact, today’s foreheads lifts are usually performed with an endoscope which reduces the extent and length of scars that are required in the procedure.

Body contouring is another area of plastic surgery that has evolved to provide for less scarring. Plastic surgeons today may perform liposuction with the use of much smaller cannulas than were available years ago. Therefore, the incisions required for small cannulas are smaller and so are the scars. The breast lift procedure may be performed with less than three incisions as was the only choice years ago. Perhaps, the biggest achievement in “scarless” body contouring has been for massive weight loss patients. Massive weight loss surgery may be performed with the assistance of an endoscope. During massive weight loss surgery, an endoscope can be inserted through the mouth, down the throat and to the treatment area. Then, the endoscope is used to treat and suture from the inside- thus, scarless surgery.

There are numerous types of other medical procedures that may be performed through the natural openings of the body. Certain kidney surgeries and gall bladder surgery may be performed with the use of a scope that may be inserted through one of the openings of the body to avoid incisions and ultimately scars.

The benefit of “scarless” surgery does not only lie in the fact that there is little to no scar. The use of smaller instruments and better visual aids during “scarless” procedures provide for less trauma and less dissection in the treatment area. Thus, less pain. “Scarless” surgery has been associated a speedier recovery as well.

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