Scarless Rhinoplasty and Nasal Augmentation

Over the past two years, there’s been quite a bit of excitement about scarless rhinoplasty. Indeed, scarless rhinoplasty is a worthwhile proposition for nasal augmentation! Traditionally, many of these types of nose surgery procedures involved an incision across some part of the nose. And the risk of the incision evolving into a displeasing scar may have prevented some from following through with the rhinoplasty procedure, despite concerns about the nose. Then, came scarless rhinoplasty.

Weighing the Options

Scarless rhinoplasty can mean different things to different people. Plastic surgeons may refer to a scarless rhinoplasty because many of today’s nose surgery procedures involve tiny incisions inside the rim of the nose. Thus, the scar is masked inside the nostrils, instead of on the nose. Dermatologists and professionals in other areas of medicine may use the term scarless rhinoplasty to refer to the use of injectibles and facial fillers to augment the nose. Injectibles and fillers offer a temporary immediate result that may last for six months or more.

A Closer Look
At first glance, the key to the decision about the right choice for scarless rhinoplasty may appear simple- temporary fillers or long lasting nose surgery. However, the key in the decision for the right choice needs to focus on the qualifications of the physician that will be performing the procedure and the approach that is proposed to achieve scarless rhinoplasty.

Injectibles and facial fillers used for scarless rhinoplasty require the experience of a medical professional that understands both the intricacies of the nose and has the ability to utilize advanced injection techniques. The art of injections is truly just that. Training for scarless rhinoplasty through injectibles and fillers is not provided in traditional medical school courses. Nasal augmentation may be temporarily achieved through injectibles and fillers, but the results may vary depending upon the skill of the medical professional and the anatomy of the nose.

Plastic surgeons that focus on scarless rhinoplasty have usually undergone continuing education courses in the area of the nose. These courses help to further develop knowledge about the intricacies of the nose. In fact, plastic surgeons are surgeons and have usually completed residency training in general surgery, plastic surgery and/or other related surgical areas. Some plastic surgeons receive advanced training in aesthetics. Thus, plastic surgeons may be best equipped to lay out all treatment options available to people interested in scarless rhinoplasty for nasal augmentation.

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