Rhinoplasty and Ethnicity

Ethnicity often plays a role in the decision for rhinoplasty. In the 1950’s, Jewish people sought after rhinoplasty to reduce the appearance of a prominent nose and become more conventional to the general public. In the 60’s and 70’s, people with a small nose and a turned up nose tip were in style for many. Today, one of the most common trends is a broad strong profiled nose. What’s become even more popular now is rhinoplasty performed on people of different ethnicities.

Asian Rhinoplasty Patients: Asian rhinoplasty patients often wish to have narrower elongated noses with greater projection at the tip.

Afro-American Rhinoplasty Patients: Afro-American rhinoplasty patients may be more interested in a smaller nose and alteration of the shape.

Mixed Ethnicity Patients: Patients whose parents were of different origins may wish to improve the appearance of their nose to ensure the updated trend of a strong profiled nose.

Selecting A Plastic Surgeon That Understands Ethnicity

Plastic surgeons that perform rhinoplasty on people of different origins do not require different techniques in order to accommodate for ethnic origin. Yet, some plastic surgeons may have more experience with rhinoplasty for ethnicity purposes than others.

It is important that people interested in rhinoplasty ask plastic surgeons about their experience in treating people of their ethnic origin when investigating the rhinoplasty procedure. In this inquiry, other concerns can be addressed such as the number of procedures performed by the surgeon and the type of technique that the surgeon prefers to use to perform rhinoplasty. For example, in Asia, surgeons may prefer the use of synthetic materials to build volume in the nose. In the U.S., many plastic surgeons prefer the use of ear or rib cartilage to build volume in the nose. In fact, some plastic surgeons have more experience in the rhinoplasty procedure itself than others.

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