Rhinoplasty for a Broken Nose

Broken noses may include a fractured bone and/or cartilage in the nose, misalignment of the nose and a septal hematoma which is a collection of blood that forms a clot in the nose. Rhinoplasty may be the best option for a broken nose, but timeliness for medical attention, the selection of the right rhinoplasty surgeon, and treatment for a broken nose should be the first priorities prior to rhinoplasty treatment. First, let’s explore the symptoms associated with a broken nose, including:

  • Nose bleeding after trauma to the nose, especially when it lasts for more than 15 minutes.
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose after injury to the nose.
  • Crooked or misaligned nose.
  • Excessive swelling of the nose and pain.

Testing Required Prior to Rhinoplasty for a Broken Nose

It is critical to seek out medical attention should you experience symptoms of a broken nose within 72 hours of the incident. This can help avoid complications which may result from injury to the nose and will also leverage optimal results after nose injury. Ear, nose and throat surgeons are keenly familiar with complications that may result after a nose is broken. Plastic surgeons receive advanced training in aesthetics to focus surgery on the cosmetic appearance of the nose. A select number of plastic surgeons focus specifically on rhinoplasty and complications that may occur due to injury.

The first step begins with an evaluation of the nose which should occur within 72 hours of the injury. During a nose evaluation, the physician will look inside the nostrils to see any internal damage that may be evident. In some cases, a cat scan (CT scan) may be performed to evaluate the septum, bone, sinus channels, cartilage and surrounding tissue. The physician will treat any immediate concerns such as obstructions like a blood clot that may require draining. Realignment of the nose may be made at the initial treatment time, but sometimes is postponed until up to ten days maximum following nose injury. In fact, rhinoplasty for nose realignment should be investigated as soon as possible after the injury. Even when nose realignment is performed without surgery, people with broken noses can consult with plastic surgeons as soon as possible to refine realignment, if necessary. In the end, it is far easier to perform realignment of a broken nose or a deviated septum and helps to produce the best results within ten days of the nose injury.

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