Top 10 Tips: Men and Plastic Surgery

The number of men that have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures has grown over recent years. Many men desire cosmetic surgery procedures between their late 30’s and 60’s to appear more youthful and in some cases, because of the impact that cosmetic procedures may have on their career. The following tips can be useful for men considering cosmetic procedures.

1. Facial rejuvenation requires special considerations for men, especially for men that experience sensitivity with shaving. Botox and Hyaluronic Acid Injections produce immediate results and do not require recovery time.

2. Liposuction easily improves flanks and breasts on men that are two of the most difficult places for men to reduce weight in.

3. Liposuction results can be enhanced and maintained through diet and exercise.

4. Neck liposuction, chin enhancement, and brow lifts may be alternatives to facelifts for men.

5. Liposuction can produce an etched appearance for the abdomen and pectoral area.

6. Male Breast Reduction is a commonly requested procedure that is safe, effective and does not require a large recovery time.

7. Nose Reshapinghas evolved with advanced techniques that include scarless rhinoplasty.

8. Eye lid surgery may be coupled with or an alternative to a brow lift that will improve the appearance of anger and overhanging fat deposits or skin.

9. Men have thicker skin that is more apt to tighten up after plastic surgery than in women.

10. Hair Transplantation is offered in a variety of techniques. It’s important to research the variations in technique and methodology.

2007 Statistics of Cosmetic Procedures Performed on Men

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery produced the following statistics of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures that men requested in 2007, as follows:

  • Over 300,000 Botox
  • Over 185,000 Laser Hair Removal
  • Over 85,000 Microdermasion
  • Nearly 84,000 Hyaluronic Acid
  • Close to 58,000 Liposuction
  • Over 63,000 Laser Treatment
  • Close to 32,000 Rhinoplasty
  • Over to 32,500 Eye Lid Surgery
  • Over 20,000 Male Breast Reduction
  • Close to 16,500 Hair Transplantation

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