Plastic Surgery Recovery

Plastic surgery recovery is unique for every patient. First, there is recovery from anesthesia. Of course, bed rest is an immediate call to action as well. Then, comes possible discomfort or, for others, pain that can be managed through medication when necessary. For some plastic surgery patients, nausea, swelling and bruising are all part of the next step. In addition, dressing changes may occur. Garments may be required to be worn. Elevation of the head and/or treatment area is required. And of course, the restricted diet and the instruction to refrain from exercise or any movement that would cause undue pressure on the treatment area such as bending is all part of the recovery plan.

In addition, plastic surgery patients are required to have an escort take them home and assist with daily living skills for the first day and perhaps, a few more days following the procedure. Many plastic surgery patients are required to remain at rest for up to five to ten days following surgery. Restrictions on exercise are also applicable for up to a month or so following plastic surgery. With so many tasks required, it is important to be prepared for plastic surgery recovery, including:

Compresses: Cold compresses are required to reduce swelling. In some cases such as certain facial procedures like blepharplasty, it is more comfortable to use gauze that has been soaked in ice chips.

Compression Garments, Bands and Wraps: Compression garment, bands and wraps may be required to be worn 24 hours a day for a specific time period, depending upon the procedure.

Gauze Pads: Gauze pads may be useful, as mentioned above and also to assist with keeping wounds clean and free from infection.

Q-Tips and Ice: Q-Tips that have been soaked in ice chips can be swabbed along the mouth on the day of surgery to help with excessive dryness of the mouth.

Spray Bottle: Spray bottles can be used to help keep the treatment area clean and free from debris that may cause infection.

Sipping Straws: Sipping straws provide additional comfort when drinking liquids during plastic surgery recovery.

Elevation Pillows: Plastic surgeons may recommend elevating the treatment area or another related area to a specific inclined position following plastic surgery. Elevation pillows are easier to work with and offer precise positioning when elevation is required.

Washcloths: Disposable washcloths come in handy following plastic surgery.

Laxatives: Medications that must be taken following plastic surgery such as pain medication may result in constipation. It is important to prevent constipation following plastic surgery and laxatives are useful for preventing constipation from plastic surgery recovery.

Preventative Nausea Medications: Preventative nausea medications may be prescribed prior to and after a plastic surgery procedure.

Natural Healing Remedies: Certain natural healing remedies can be useful in the prevention and reduction of post operative swelling and bruising. It is important to follow the advice of the treatment plastic surgeon about natural healing remedies. Bromelain and Arnica Montana are two natural healing remedies that may be prescribed by the treating plastic surgeon following plastic surgery.

Handheld Showerhead: Handheld showerheads make showering much easier to protect the treated plastic surgery area.

Relaxation Aids: Music, aroma therapy candles, herbal tea are all methods to induce more comfort through recovery.

Foods and Drink: Stock up on soft foods such as Jello and yogurt. It is also critical to maintain hydration.

Sun Protectors: Plastic surgery requires that patients stay out of the sun for a specific time period following plastic surgery. Sunscreen SPF 15 or higher is required for months following the procedure. Wide dark sunglasses are advised for facial plastic surgery.

Camouflage Make Up: Camouflage make up can improve the appearances of bulges or bumps that may result after plastic surgery during recovery. Camouflage make up also masks bruising and scars.

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