Plastic Surgery to Prevent Facial Aging

Some of the biggest advancements in plastic surgery have been the improvement in technology and use of advanced techniques that provide less downtime, reduced discomfort, and quality results. As more consumers have demanded less invasive approaches to plastic surgery, plastic surgeons have also found that there are benefits for the treatment of aging before significant aging commences, including:

  • The plastic surgery procedures used in pre or early stage aging are less invasive than those performed at late stage aging
  • Early treatment allows people to better retain the appearance of a youthful face longer than if they did not receive treatment.
  • People that receive plastic surgery treatment at an early age may be less likely to have to undergo more invasive treatment alter on.

There is no right age for plastic surgery treatment. The process of aging is unique to every individual. The natural exfoliation and skin renewal process slows with age. Collagen production which provides for form skin slows down to cause sagging in later stage aging. Photo aging occurs after years of sun exposure to change the tone texture and color of the skin. Consequently, fine lines, wrinkles and skin folds surface over time. The good news is that there are treatments available to thwart off the signs of an aging face.



  • Prevent the formation of muscle contractions that cause wrinkles and skin folds.
  • Mini-Face Lift: The mini-face lift allows for the face to better withstand gravity for five or more years of facial aging.

Eye lid

  • Surgery helps delay upper facial sagging and delays the appearance of advanced crow’s feet.
  • Forehead Lift: The forehead lift performed endoscopically provides an improvement to forehead lines and lines between the brows for ten or more years.

Nose surgery

  • To reduce or augment a nose that changes over time may be performed through a closed technique which is less invasive than the open technique, providing for less downtime and quality results.

Chemical Peels

  • Help to prevent the appearance of advanced photo-aging.

Not all people interested in pre-plastic surgery treatment are candidate for the above mentioned procedures. Yet, it may be worthwhile to visit with a plastic surgeon to discuss facial aging before you require advanced treatment. Your consultation with a plastic surgeon will undoubtedly be an eye opening experience.

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