Plastic Surgery Make Up

Plastic surgery make up may mean different things to different people. You may have tried mixing foundation with moisturizer to achieve a subtle anti-aging effect. You may have stayed away from shiny lipsticks that highlight age. Or used lip liner on your entire lips before lipstick to prevent the “lip bled” look. Perhaps, you’ve attempted every blending, circular and/or outward motion blusher technique to improve the appearance of facial aging. You may use Vaseline on your face to create a more youthful appearance. The following information provides a recap of techniques that plastic surgery practices may use to improve the appearance of the face.

Skin Tone and Elasticity: There is physician grade skincare, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing to improve the condition of the skin. Laser skin resurfacing may also enhance collagen production which helps to prevent sagging skin.

Eyes: There is Latisse for longer, fuller and natural eye lashes. There is Botox to augment the arch of the eyebrows, bring out the eyes and reduce crow’s feet. Permanent make up for the eye brows, permanent eye shadow, and permanent eye liner for both eye lids help create definition. There are facial fillers and fat transfers used to fill in hollowness under the eyes.

Forehead: Botox may be used to reduce the appearance of forehead lines and between the brow lines. Botox and facial fillers may be combined for deep depressions on the forehead.

Cheeks: There are fat transfer techniques used to augment the cheek bones. Botox may help to limit cheek lines. There are thread lifts to lift the cheeks in the mid-stage of aging. For advanced aging, there are face lifts and cheek implants.

Nose to Mouth: Fat fillers work best for deep folds from the bottom of the nose to the mouth. The thread lift and face lift may also assist in improving the nasiofold area.

Lips: There are facial fillers that may be used to add fullness to the lips. There is permanent make up to redefine lip lines and bring color to the lips. There are full mouth techniques that combine surgery and injectables to create full mouth rejuvenation.

The information here is not meant to provide a diagnosis or recommend the appropriate treatment option for individual needs. Plastic surgeons develop treatment plans following careful examination of the face in private consultation.

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