Nose Too Short? Consider the Fix, Nose Surgery

It could be that your nose was upturned too much in your first nose surgery operation. Alternatively, your nose was shortened too much the first time around. It might be that you are simply unhappy with the short appearance of your nose. Alas, help is on the way!

It’s in the Anatomy

Over time, the structure of the nose may appear to sink into the face. This may lend to the appearance of a shortened upturned nose. Nose surgery patients may find that scar tissue builds up on the nose, resulting in the appearance of a shorter upturned nose. In fact, some nose surgery patients notice that the nose does not retain its shape with age.

The appearance of a short nose may be attributed a shortened nasal septum which is contained inside the upper and lower cartilage of the nose. The nasal spine located at the base of the nose also plays a role in the appearance of an upturned shortened nose.

The Treatment Plan

Plastic surgeons may perform nose surgery through an open or closed technique. The difference between the open and closed technique relates to the location of the incisions used in nose surgery. In the open technique, incisions are made on the inside of the nose. There is also one incision made at the base of the columella under the nose. The closed technique involves incisions that are only placed inside the nose.

Techniques also vary in terms of the area involved in treatment. Some plastic surgeons remove the nasal spine and part of the nasal septum to shorten the nose. Other plastic surgeons may reshape the cartilage located in the nasal tip to create the appearance of a shortened nose. There may be variations in these techniques as well. Of course, the goal is to preserve as much nasal structure as possible so as not to weaken the structure and contribute to an over-shortened appearance. Some plastic surgeons focus on nose surgery revisions in their practice. Other plastic surgeons focus on first time nose surgery patients. In the final analysis, nose surgery to improve a shortened or excessively upturned nose can be performed with diligence and care.

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